UPDATE: The Big News

If you follow us on Facebook or receive our prayer letter update, you may have already heard the big news.

When we reached 85% funding, a big benchmark in missions fundraising, we are faced with a decision that has a sense of finality to it like few others in the process of mission field mobilization. It is time to finalize our date for leaving and purchase 5 one-way tickets to Togo.

Previously, we picked the date, more or less at random, of July 18th to depart. This date was arbitrary and used only to give us a deadline to raise funding. In reality, it would be beneficial to the hospital to leave sooner, but there is much that has to be done. We need the kids to finish their school year first, then We have to rent out our house, put our household items into storage, cancel services like power, cable, internet, sanitation. We also have to figure out who will take care of our finances and home while we are away and find a place for our dog to live for a year.

Mid-July seems feasible at this point still, but before we finalize this date, we need to make quite a few decisions, and ask that you be in prayer for us right now about these things. I’ll post a link to the prayer letter than went out yesterday with our specific prayer requests here.

Thank you again for all of your support, prayers and encouragement through this challenging season.


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