UPDATE: The Big News

April 16, 2018

If you follow us on Facebook or receive our prayer letter update, you may have already heard the big news. When we reached 85% funding, a big benchmark in missions fundraising, we are faced with a decision that has a sense of finality to it like few others in the process of mission field mobilization. […]

You are Plan A (and there is no Plan B)

April 7, 2018

Life moves too slowly for me these days. I recently read an article (you can see it for yourself here) about the five things that people who love change need to know. The principles it discusses rang so true to me, because I do need to slow down and accept that change sometimes takes time. […]

Be Resilient – the struggle is real but the outcome is foretold. 6 principles of resilience.

April 4, 2018

Well, this has been a busy few weeks. Between working a crazy amount of hours, my course work (working toward Advanced PA degree to better serve my patients here and in Togo), teaching PA students, fund raising, and all of the hundreds of things that need to be taken care of before leaving for the […]